Harry Potter Party

Hi all, 

Here is the list of foods and drinks I used for my Harry Potter party:

- Fizzing Whizzbees - Flying Saucers
- Acid pops - Sour lolly pops
- Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans - Jelly beans (Lidl have great jelly beans that look just like Bertie's at a fraction of the price!)
- Golden snitches - I used Forrero Rocher - I took the brown paper cups off, cut out some wings and used the Forrero Rocher stickers to attach them to the foil.
- Jelly Slugs - I used some simple Jelly Snakes from Asda - 5 bags for £1
- Liquorice wands - these were Strawberry Twizzlers, an American sweet which you can buy online or in B&M bargains!
- Troll Bogeys - Guacamole
- Bubotuber Puss - Hummus
- Phoenix Flames - Carrot Sticks
- Bowtruckle Legs - Celery/cucumber sticks
- Hufflepuffs - Wotsits/cheese puffs
- Boomslang Skin - Smoked Salmon
- Deep fried elf-ears - Doritos/Totilla chips
- Chocolate frogs - Cadbury Fredo faces / Fredos
- Gurdyroot chips - Beetroot crisps
- Owl nuts - crispy coated peanuts
- Peppermint toads - Peppermint creams (in a frog mold).
- Cockroach cluster - peanut brittle.
- Pumpkin pasties - see recipe here
- Cheesy Wands - Recipe to follow soon!

Labels - I made my own labels using this template 


- Polyjuice potion - Homemade Lemonade with green food colouring. GET RECIPE
- Amortentia - Raspberry, Mint, Lime and Ginger (recipe to follow). GET RECIPE
(obviously you can add any spirits to the above soft drinks)
- Fire Whiskey - Cinnamon Vodka
I chose not to make a version on Butterbeer as I am not a huge fan of butterscotch, but there are plenty of recipes out there.  - I just used real beer!
- Infusion of Gurdy Roots - Dandelion and Burdock
- Veritaserum - Lemonade/cream soda/water - anything colourless.


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